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Small Business Websites

I provide professional, full service, small business website design and development services. I use code editing software to design, develop and maintain every website I do. What this means is, for the life of the website that is created for your business, someone like me, will need to maintain it. Who is best served by my small business website design and development services? All of my clients, over many years, rely on me to guide them thru the process of creating an online presence with a user friendly and informative website interface. I do all the heavy lifting and make the process as easy and affordable as possible.

Kessler Associates
Kessler Associates

Small Business Website Focus

The majority of my clients are small business owners, from therapists, dentists and chiropractors to plumbers, painters, electricians, handymen and HVAC contractors. I have a vast array of experience in these types of service providers which can help expedite the entire process for you. It is important to focus on the products or services that make you money each month. Because promoting your business online is about much more than just a website, no matter how awesome it is, I educate and advise my clients on ways they can promote their website and increase ranking using social media and advertising.

Website Design Process

When using my website design services, I walk you through the entire process, which starts with your phone call or email to me. First I listen, it is important for me to understand the nature of your business and your desired outcome. I will ask questions, listen to your answers and then advise you of your options moving forward, even if it doesn't include me. We will discuss logos, images, content, domain names, email and contact options, hosting options and any budget concerns. I will advise you of ways to save money, as well as, issues that can cost you money, such as copyright infringements. Based on your specific situation, I will begin collecting information and creating a single page shell that will allow you to review and approve the layout structure. This shows color theme, navigation and your product service focus.

Once we confirm the layout and navigation, I will begin making all the desired support pages. Each page we work on together will require your input. I will take your input and convert it into user and search engine friendly content. Each page will go through a review and approval process with you and ultimately, your desired finished content will be used. Once we have approved the entire small business website, we will publish it to the hosting server making it live on the internet. From that point forward, together, we will keep it maintained and performing well. Click the link below for more information about maintaining your new SB website.

Image Usage

Every small business website should implement lots if images for eye candy as well as conveying purpose. A mistake far too many website owners have made, is not following copyright laws. There is a process to obtaining images for use on the internet. It starts with images you own, pictures that you or an employee took to show something to others. Next there is the option of using a stock images web site or royalty-free content marketplace. On these platforms, you pay a fee for usage rights and have access to just about every image imaginable. I review these options and make recommendations to all my valued clients. Lastly, there are manufacturer images that represent a product or service you provide. A simple example would be, if you are a painter that uses a specific brand paint, it is not likely that manufacturer would take issue with using their images because you are promoting their product and brand. In my opinion, it is always best to play it safe, rather than being sorry later.

Social Media and Advertising

Today, a website is your storefront on the internet. You must find ways from within your business as well as using social media platforms and advertising to help drive traffic to your website. Your website is designed to be informative and encourage contact. What we do together within your budget will determine what I call your happy place on the internet. For every client this is different. All of those emails you get and anyone promising first page ranking on Google, is a snake oil salesman. You have to play the game, each search engine's algorithms and ranking criteria is different. You have to play by their rules, on their platform. If Google only has one top ranking spot and ten first page indexing spots, how can you make the promise to more than 10 business owners?

Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo's platforms are designed to make them money and lots of it, through advertising. I partner with you with free and affordable methods to help promote your business. Simply allow me to impress you with my talents and start earning your business, we will both be glad you did!

My Clients Best Interest At Heart

All of my clients enjoy and appreciate the fact that I always have their best interest at heart and in mind. From money saving opportunities and strategies, to answering questions about 3rd party concerns, such as, do I need to pay this registration renewal I got in the mail today from Domain Registry of America? My answer would be no, it is an internet scam trying to trick you into switching registrars. My clients want to do what they do best and that is their business. They want to take as little time as possible for website stuff and focus on their clients. That my friend, is where I come into the picture. By retaining my services, you always have an experienced webmaster working for you. How awesome is that?

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Why Choose Me

Affordable Small Business Websites

Hiring a fulltime webmaster to design, develop and maintain your small business website is very costly and for most small businesses, this is not a viable option. That leaves doing it yourself or hiring someone like me to do it for you. Most of my clients do not have time or the desire to deal with creating and managing a website.

Experienced and Seasoned Webmaster

I have been designing, developing and maintaining websites since 2002. I have helped hundreds of small business owners create an effective and cost efficient online presence, starting with a purposeful website. I know what to look for, what needs to get done and the mistakes others make, that need to be avoided, especially the costly ones.

Trustworthy Webmaster

My clients find early on, they can trust me at the highest levels of providing service. From telling me like it is in an email or message, that will never be shared or stored on an email server, to sharing account passwords with me to provide the service they need across different accounts and platforms.

Small Business Owner

I am a small business too. Most of my clients are small business owners. I only provide service to those I can handle as a one person operation and I have to feel confident I can move them forward, long term, from where they are at the time. I have clients that have been using my services for over 15 years. That says a lot about my services.

I Work From Home

I work at night from my home office. This gives me the quiet, tranquil environment, that is needed to be a creative thinker and writer, while designing and developing my client's website. Working with internet protocols such as HTML5, CSS3, PHP and JavaScript, are like working with different languages. Couple that with creatively writing content, applying search engine optimization, and working with images, website designing can be tedious. However, when done right, the payoff is well worth it.

I have low overhead which helps keep my pricing as affordable as possible. Many of my clients have similar setups. If you call, please leave a message, I have nobody to answer the phone. I will make arrangements to call you back as soon as possible. Emailing me is the best method of communication.

What Affects Page Ranking

Well Designed and Maintained Website

Content Relevance: The priority is to provide visitors with the most relevant and valuable content. I focus on creating pages that offer high-quality, informative, and well-structured content to enhance user experience and rank better on various search engines with Google being the highest priority. I use creative writing and specifically detailed content that will likely match the search terms of users looking for my clients products or services. The most important money making product or service will have the highest priority and the most comprehensive content.

Keyword Usage: I use relevant keywords throughout any content I create to help search engines understand my clients small business needs. There is an art to this process as keyword stuffing, can affect rankings negatively.

Page Load Speed: While there is always room for improvement, I try to maintain a fast loading speed for every webpage I design to help with ranking. Fast-loading pages are considered a better user and smoother browser experience. This is a constant ongoing work in progress.

Mobile-Friendliness: Every website I design considers mobile-friendliness across the most popular devices from desktop and laptops to smartphones and tablets. I optimize mobility with responsive designing to improve user experiences where they are and improve page rankings.

User Experience: I constantly work on concerns, such as bounce rate (visitors immediately leaving), the time visitors spend on important pages, and click-through rates (moving from a landing page to other pages) to influence positive rankings. It is not good if visitors leave your site too quickly or fail to engage with the sites content. This may indicate to search engines that the particular page or entire site is not meeting their needs of their users.

On-Page Optimization: I am obsessed with properly optimizing meta tags, headings, URL structure, and image alt text, throughout every site I design, to maximize on my part, what search engines understand and the sites content is more effectively ranked.

No one knows with 100% certainty what search engines use completely for ranking. Search engine algorithms are very complex and will certainly continue evolving throughout the future. I always focus on creating valuable content, providing users with a positive experience, and always implement the best practices in search engine optimization (SEO) to improve page rankings for all my valuable clients.

Popularity Site Traffic

Popularity: My advise to ALL my Small Business clients, is to find every means possible to drive traffic to your website. This is the absolute most important mindset you can have moving forward from the day your new website goes live. From business cards and flyers to back-linking opportunities, never stop finding creative ways to make your small business website more popular. I partner with all of my clients, at their pace, to help achieve and maximize their online presence and popularity. I am sure, I can help you too!

Site Back-Linking

Backlinks: How many quality backlinks you have pointing to different webpages throughout your site is a very crucial ranking factor. Backlinks are votes of confidence from the world wide web. They indicate that other websites, such as Facebook or Twitter, find your page content valuable. Spending time building high-quality (industry related are the best) backlinks from reputable sources will have a very positive influence on each webpage's ranking. This in turn will also boost your websites overall indexing ranking.

DO NOT participate in paid linking or link farms, it can and will have a negative impact on your ranking and can even get you banned from the platform. Just don't do it. At the same time, I encourage you to create new back-links as often as possible throughout the future.

How Social Media Helps

Social Media: Participating on social media platforms and creating business pages on them will help establish site-authority and trust worthiness. Both are very important to search engines when considering ranking and indexing. Properly posting on social media websites can drive the appropriate traffic to your website with a very positive affect on your ranking. Attracting the wrong traffic from social media will have a negative effect. Having your business on social media platforms will also help establish branding. Achieving activity such as likes, shares or comments help rank you on that specific platform, it can also help increase branding visibility. and attract more traffic.

Social Media and Search Engine Platforms such as Google, Facebook and Twitter offer advertising options to help increase community reach. I strongly encourage all of my clients to participate at a comfortable way, within budget, in advertising opportunities on certain social media and search engine platforms.