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Maintaining Your Personal Website Is Important

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Why You Need To Maintain Your Personal Web Site

  • Update Content: It is important from time to time to review and update content on all web sites. Keeping information fresh and up-to-date will create a better experience for your visitors and benefit your performance on search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. I will discuss your web site's purpose and your expectations with you and recommend the appropriate commitment to content updating.
  • Security Concerns: Personal web sites are rarely the target for hacking, but it can happen. Hacking can cause site issues and concerns for your visitors, such as links that download malware and/or viruses. I constantly republish my clients websites as a preventative measure to avoid security concerns. Additionally, keeping the scripts and codes used for the website up to date is critically important.
  • Optimize Performance: Websites that load quickly and provide a smooth user experience tend to have lower bounce rates and higher user engagement. Regular maintenance allows you to optimize the performance of your website by optimizing code, compressing images, and implementing caching mechanisms. This leads to faster load times, improved search engine rankings, and better user satisfaction.
  • Visitor Experience: Your goal should always be focused on what your visitors experience. From page load time and eye candy to conveying your purpose, try to keep your entire site interesting and user friendly. Navigating must be easy to understand and each visitor should be able to quickly find what they are interested in from your site. While it may make perfect sense to you, it is your visitors that have to understand it.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO is not as important for some personal web sites, such as sharing a family tree, however, it is very important to understand search engine optimization and how it impacts you as a website owner. I will always implement SEO into all of my clients web sites. I will always make sure you, as a valued client, understand SEO, so you can make an informed decision for your web site.
  • Stay Compatible: Regardless of desired audience reach, staying compatible on as many platforms and browsers as possible, especially the most common, is vitally important in finding potential visitors where they are on the internet. Different users use different browsers, such as FireFox, Chrome, Edge and Safari. They also use different devices to interact with the internet, from desktop computers and laptops to tablets and smartphones.
  • Your Reputation: When you open a personal web site, your reputation goes online with you. Understanding what information is available online, the impact of social media and promoting yourself, your brand is a very complex situation and understanding all the impacted fronts is very important. My clients enjoy peace of mind, knowing, I am always here to help understand all of these processes and avoid issues.

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