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As a Professional Website Designer, I see and interact with just about anything that can possibly be put on the internet and labeled a website. One must always remember, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder or creator. Everyone's taste, desires and expectations are different and as a designer of web sites, I know what is most common in web appeal. Your website should focus on the masses to insure interaction and most of all, contact.

Good Website Design

Example of a Good Website Designing

Website Tonight Example

Better Website Design

Example of Better Website Designing

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Best Website Design

Best Website Designs

Website Designer and Webmaster

There is a lot of options and paths to consider when designing your website. From free website builders to content management applications to publishing software to hiring someone. How do you determine which path or option is best for you?

How To Zero In On A Website Design

Consider The Website Design Time

First, you have to consider the element of time and labor. This value will help determine the most appropriate path for you to take in designing and maintaining your website. With that said, I will break things down to a Good, Better and Best path so you can easily relate to your options. No matter which path you take, there will be a direct impact on you and your time. The amount of time and commitment changes with each path.

Website designing and maintenance requires someone to do it, so the first piece of the puzzle is the who. In order to decide the who, you have to consider the how options available, to determine what the actual commitment will be, so you can make the appropriate choice. Many small business owners start out in one direction and learn things the hard way, only to go through the pains of changing things to better accommodate their needs.

Look at where you are at now and how you got there and look forward at least five years at where you'd like to be.

Frustrating Websites

Good Website Design; is really any website that can be visited, understood and navigated without issues, negative triggers or annoying stuff. Visit the "Good" website design link above and navigate around the website and experience it for yourself. This is a website builder (Website Tonight) creation. Website builders are generally freeware PHP or ASP applications provides by hosting service providers. They use a database to store page information and give you a content management area to create, change and update your website. The pages are actually created in real-time drawing content from the database as visitors visit each page. As you click each page in the sample, you will see the pages redraw, starting as blank white. This slows page load time and is discouraging to robots that visit your page content for indexing.

Website Builders

Positives Negatives

Anyone Can Do It

Free or Low Cost To Use

Everything Uses One Provider

Has Features and Plug-ins

May Have Security

May Have Backups

The Less You Know, The Harder It Is

Consumes Your Time

Generic Template Pages

Limited Flexibility

Modification Restrictions

Out-Dated Scripts and Coding

Limited Low Level Support

Provider Reliant

Off-Site File Storage

Below Average Performance

Below Average Optimization

Website Builders are actually a great place to start. They are usually free or inexpensive to use. A few of my clients have started out this way and learned how tedious and time consuming web site designing and maintenance is first hand. They give you a control panel of sorts that allow you to interact and manage content on your site, remotely from and internet access point, using predesigned templates and structuring. Usually using a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interface, you add, change and update the pages within your website. You can literally have some since of a web presence in just a few hours. You have to layout the navigation, come up with pictures and edit them yourself and like making a MS Word Document, create each page in your website. This is great for someone that just needs a web site that looks good and can be found if given the domain address. For a good idea of what some people were able to do for themselves; Google This With Quotes: "Powered By Website Builder"

Website Builders Designs

The Website Builders generally have an out-dated cheesy theme look to them. However, with a little HTML and graphics knowledge, you could spice them up a bit. They also use out-dated codes and scripts which are limiting in functionality and performance. The labor of creating and maintaining the website is all on the user in addition to any monthly fees or charges. Keyword and phrase usage is limited even in file structuring, such as a picture that should be named My-Services.jpg will be automatically named img_001.jpg or a meta tag such as ALT, NAME or TITLE can't be modified or even used in some cases. This really makes it hard to optimize the websites search ranking performance. You have to learn it on your own and find your own answers and resolutions, usually in a support forum or by email if you are lucky. You are stuck in one place, suppose you want to change service providers for any reason, since it uses a proprietary program, it will be very difficult to move your database and use it somewhere else. The question, is this what you want?

Satisfying Websites

Content Management Applications; are remote serve based software applications that allow users to login and control the content of their websites from any internet access point. Some are better than others and can even assign users and restrict usage so that work can be delegated appropriately. Some are designed around a specific purpose, such as WordPress is designed for Blogging.

They are template based, but they give a new definition to the word theme. Theme designed by webmasters can be added as a plug-in for the specific content management system. Since many of these themes are professionally written, they have an awesome look to them, but there is still a lot to consider.

Content Management Systems

Positives Negatives

Same As Website Builders

The Addition of Themes Adds Appeal

Popular CM Systems Have Lots Of Plug-Ins and Add-Ons

Popular CM Systems Have More Service Providers

Improved Functionality and Interaction

Better Search Engine Optimization

Same As Website Builders

Higher Learning Curve

Larger Applications Means Slower Server Response Time

Vulnerable To Crashing With Updates

Can Create A HUGE Counterproductive Footprint

Can Be Costly To Change Later

There is a specific environment that can benefit from Content Management Systems, such as large corporations or industries that require constant interaction with website content, especially with Cloud services. But when it comes to small businesses, it can be costly, aggravating, over-kill and even put you in an undesirable situation. Your website is only one piece of your internet presence, so map out your overall desired presence and who will be responsible for what; this will help you better understand and appreciate the follow information.

Along with your website comes the considerations of internet marketing such as Facebook, Google+, Listings and Ad Campaigns. If you Blog are your going to post on Facebook too? If you use Facebook, why Blog? What about Google+?

At minimum, I suggest a Facebook Fan Page, a Google+ Business Page, Business Listing on Google - Yahoo - Bing - Yellow Pages & BBB, along with some type of advertising campaign utilizing internet marketing such as AdSense as well as cold calling and direct mail. Who's going to do all these things or will they get done at all?

Some small business owners don't want to interact with Facebook or Google+ and have fears of employees spending their time on these social media networking sites. This is understandable, but you should still have some sense of presence on both, only because it makes it easier for your purpose to be shared and potential new customers can interact with you.

Blogging has it's pros and cons all by itself and from my view is a dying trend. Here are a few examples.

Texas EquuSearch; Google their service or purpose and find them. Search and Rescue or Missing Children. They are an awesome organization and I am by far picking on them, just pointing out to you an already known issue to help you avoid it. Over 60% of the site looks and is a Blog. It is slow in response. It has a huge archive (footprint). The sidebar and footer are all over the place. It is not mobile friendly and it should be.

Women In Crime Inc.; Here you will find a lot of the same, but a good point from here is the decrease in use. On the left sidebar, scroll down till you see Blog Archive. They went from 304 posts in 2008 to 52 posts in 2012. This tells you in 2008 and 2009, they felt it was effective but by 2011 this changed. This site is awesome too, again, not picking on anyone, just pointing things out. The lesson here is that with the internet and technology constantly changing, your website will be subjected to performance as these changes take place. What works today, may not work tomorrow.

For the cookie cutting website service experience, Google This in Quotes: "Website Design & Development by AdServices" - Then scroll down and look at some of the businesses they have serviced. You will see some cheesy templates used, duplicate content and images and even the same templates if you look far enough. Duplicate content is counterproductive, you don't want you website's content quoted someplace else.

Content Management System

When you use remote website services like, your going to get some type of template website with very little creativity, personalization and use of graphics. While some say they are free, they really aren't, they give you a month free to get you in the door. Then you find out the hard way what it is all about and if you stay with them for a while and need change, when you do (and you will) it can be costly. Take advice from others, check out on BBB and you sill find they are A+, but you have to look deeper. A+ means they have reasonably closed the complaints. They have a very high number of complaints and if you read the reviews (nothing positive), you will understand what you should avoid. Click Here for BBB | Click Here for Reviews

The biggest problem small business owners face when it comes to internet presences is not knowing what is out there and what the ripple affects are for the decisions they make. My best advice is to do as much homework as you can before committing to something and always have an exit plan. The question, is this what you want?

Exciting Websites

Best Website Design; in my opinion is a custom design made specifically for you. This can include using a template, and usually does these days, however, a custom website designed by a webmaster can pretty much do and conform to anything you want. Website designers use script editing software such as Dreamweaver or Expression Web. Retaining a webmaster like me adds a partner, not a service provider, to your team and there is a huge difference. You are not a number that represents gross profit to a CEO, you don't deal with an employee watching the clock, you are not pooled in a ticketing system and the work I perform is not done by automated scripting software. With my services, you represent the quality of my life and that is very important to me. I partner with you in success and do everything I can to help you grow and excel in business.

All Positive, No Room For Negative

  • Budgets; For every business this word has a different meaning. Some companies have bigger budgets than others, so I work with clients starting at $50 per month and go up from there. The average comfort zone for my clients is between $150 and $250 per month and this includes design work. I never nickel and dime my valued clients and I never put them in a place they are not comfortable. We can always work together to achieve a positive arrangement for both of us.

  • Custom Website Designs; are always made using a core HTML base that is accommodating to the allotted budget and can be backed up and moved anywhere at any time. I always have a backup copy that can restore any server related issues in minutes, not hours or even days and there is never a change should this become necessary. Web designs can be original hand written or template based, this is a template based website design. Templates save me time and that save customers money. I am very knowledgeable of most industries and have excellent creative writing skills. Once you complete a design agreement, the design is yours to do with as you please.

  • Quality Content; is always the focus in everything I do, down to the finest detail. I am open-minded, non-bias and have a unisex manor of thinking. I try to consider the masses in my word usage while keeping the information flow interesting and focused on the purpose. Unless there is a target audience or desired purpose, then the focus is defined with consideration to everything else. Internet Content is a conundrum, the more informative, the better the quality, however the more words means more saturation. There are ways to keep content both interesting and search engine friendly.

  • Detail Orientated; in everything I do. From format and structural navigation to images and optimization, I pay close attention to detail to insure that even what you don't see is doing exactly what it is suppose to be doing. Often, it is what you don't see that causes performance issues.

  • Freedom; to do what you do best and that is make money. My clients know I work hard for them throughout the year and I am always here if they need me. Your time is valuable and using my services allows you confidence when it come to your websites needs.

  • Honest Straight Forward Advice; I don't use smoke and mirrors and I will never advise you to spit into the wind. First piece of advise, you'll never be number one on all search engines for everything you do and you should never expect to either. It's common sense really, if corporations with billion dollar budgets can't do it, you and I won't either. Anyone that tells you different is scamming you. It's very complicated because there are three different major search engines that see your content quite differently. You work towards balance and fine tune as best you can. How much time and effort is committed to achieving this balance will determine your overall ranking. I think by now, everyone has done enough searches on the internet to understand how different the results can be. Google - Yahoo - Bing are not a public services, they are a profit driven business and you have to play by their rules to compete in their environments. You have to find your comfort zone, return must be grater than investment. This is the type of advice you can expect and while I will always share my advise and opinions, but my clients wishes will always trump me.

  • Best Website Designs

  • Performance; is what it is all about. Based on your budget, I will optimize your websites design to achieve the highest possible level of performance and search engine effectiveness.

With my professional website designing services you get a partner in success, always looking out for your best interest. I deliver quality website designs, not quantity. I make the design process as easy for you as possible and will work with you until you are happy and excited about your new website. My website design and maintenance plans make the services affordable at all levels so you don't have a huge upfront fee for the design process. You literally have everything to gain and nothing to loose and by retaining my services, I am always here when you need me. This Is What You Want!

Website Design Plans

$100/ per month
  • Or $1200 Upon Completion
  • 24 Hours Design Time
  • About 4-5 Standard Pages
$150 / per month
  • Or $1800 Upon Completion
  • 36 Hours Design Time
  • About 10 - 12 Standard Pages
$200 / per month
  • Or $2400 Upon Completion
  • 48 Hours Design Time
  • About 20 Standard Pages

Basic Page = Standard Letter Size Page

Design Time: is hard to explain, but my standard design rate is $65 per hour and with these plans you are saving $15 per hour. The actual time spent designing depends on what is being done, what is provided and the time it takes me to do it. This is different for every client. The more involved the client is, the more they save me in time, this saves the client money with regards to the websites design. I will generally help zero in on what is involve after learning what your needs are, so feel free to request any design or maintenance service and I will help you any way I can.

Customized Plans; can be arranged to accommodate any concern or need.