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Website Designer

There are a gazillion website designers out there, in fact, there is a little web designing is all of us. What makes us all different, is the variety of talents that are needed to perform effectively in todays markets. The internet is FULL of creativity of all kinds, from those that give you a mind blowing barrage of aggravating and annoying things to some of the most awesome works of real art. The question is, where do you fall into all this?

User Friendly

User Friendly Website

The website design, at best, should accommodate the most users. This is not easy with changing technologies, but the core must be easy.

Focus Orientated

Focus Orientated

There should me a structured purpose and focus, throughout the websites design and navigation to achieve the desired results.


Responsive Website Designs

Most website designs are not responsive to the ever growing variety of devices that access them. User are more mobile now and use PC's less.

Everything evolves around investment into the overall website, from the owners personal commitment to paying for enhancement services. This time and investment when appropriately applied will be very profitable and add overall values to your business, such as integrity and pride. There are websites out there that only a mother could love.

Website Designing

Learn The Purpose For The Websites Design

Learn The Design Purpose

Every website has a purpose, some better than others. But for small business owners it has a direct impact on revenue. Your website should never be generic in nature. Generic is a turnoff and visitors want interesting content. Generic can also work against the sites performance because it is used somewhere else. So, original is always the best way to go when designing a website. It also makes you as unique with your internet presence as you are as a business owner.

No one is better and conveying your purpose than you are, however, this is not always easy to do when designing a website. I am a creative writer, I can go a long way with just a little input from my clients. Often, they provide me with bullet points and I fill in the picture for the website's visitors.

The more informative and focused the content is that I receive, the better a job I can do covering it and focusing on what is important to you such as making money. What you don't want is traffic and contact for the things you don't do. What you do want is as much contact as you can get about the things that are conducive to business.

I know the basics of most businesses and have great common sense. This shortens the learning curve and the time needed to map out and create the content for each page to be included in your new web site design. Keep in mind, everything takes time, even thinking about it. The more time we can save you, the lower your investment will be. I will learn as much about you and your business as possible to be creative and effective portraying you and your purpose with your personality and business plan. After all, it is your website design.

Apply and Review Knowledge Of The Web Sites Design

Apply Design

The next step is to apply what has been learned. This starts with mapping the navigational structure and focus of your website. You want visitors to find what they are looking for fast and then respond to it. In most small businesses, this would be in the form of contact.

Applying the navigational structure usually means the basic format for the designs format. This provides for client approval for both the design and menu direction prior to adding the content. This is also usually a relatively short period of time at the very beginning of the design stage. Once approved, the process of applying the core content begins. This is the real tedious part.

It can also be fun and for many clients, they see their business in a whole new light. Often appearing much bigger and streamlined than they actually are in their local market area. The design application process considers many things such as scripts to be used, images and interactive elements. There is no easy way to explain this, because there are just too many of them and it all depends on the time and money you want to work with for your website's design. Remember, the website designer has to work within your budget.

Usually, I suggest building a basic shell of your desired finished product to get you live on the internet and get the processes started for search engines to begin analyzing what we are doing. The remainder of the site is built in priority and can be customized as needed along the way. This is the most time consuming process because there is a lot of work and communication going on that has to happen. Another factor of cost is how many pages are being designed? The bigger the website, the more time is invested creating and designing each page, this raises your overall costs. Many clients will start small and grow as their budget allows. An eight to ten page, well designed website can be very effective.

Optimize The Performance Of The Designed Website

Optimized Web Design

From the moment your new website design is first published, search engine optimization processes begin. There are many elements to optimizing a web page, from load time to key work and key phase content. The most frustrating part is there are multiple search engines and like you, they have their own purpose and playing field. Websites perform differently in different environments. It is like running n water and the technologies are always changing. What was considered good yesterday, may be not so good today. The key is knowing this and doing something about it. Stale websites or websites with outdated content and scripting fall in ranking over time. So you are never really, "done" with your website, you have to maintain it like we do so many other things in our lives.

There are many additional factors in search engine optimization that are NOT related to your websites design or maintenance, such as popularity, social networking and linking. These are things that must become part of your daily operational activities. I am always willing to share my advise in these areas with my clients to help them find what works for them. Not everyone cares about social networking (including me), but there are basic needs that can be achieved without draining your time or that of your employees.

From the website designs point of view, there are tools of the trade that we use to measure how pages are performing and determine what, if anything can be done about it. Anyone that promises you top search engine results, especially overnight is blowing smoke your way and hoping you will pay them for it. IT IS common sense, not everyone can be number one, especially at everything and in every environment. There are hundreds of thousands of very good webmasters out there and NONE are number one across all fronts. Think about it. The best you can do is work hard at performance for the things that matter most, everything else will finds its place. The simple trick is to keep working at it.